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Post Factual, 2017
Post Factual, 2017;
23-1/2 × 23-1/2 inches framed

Bonfire, 2017
Bonfire, 2017;
66 × 54 × 54 inches

Narcissist, 2017
Narcissist, 2017;
23-1/2 × 23-1/2 inches framed

Prima Donna, 2017
Prima Donna, 2017;
23-1/2 × 23-1/2 inches framed

Smoking Gun, 2017
Smoking Gun, 2017;
23-1/2 × 23-1/2 inches framed

Egomaniac, 2017
Egomaniac, 2017;
23-1/2 × 23-1/2 inches framed

Kakistocracy, 2017
Kakistocracy, 2017;
23-1/2 × 23-1/2 inches framed

Joe Amrhein: Post Factual

Brian Gross Fine Art is pleased to announce Post Factual, an exhibition of new word works by New York artist Joe Amrhein, opening Saturday, November 4, from 4–6pm, with an artist talk at 4:30pm. The exhibition will include seven works created in response to the current political discourse in the United States using Amrhein’s signature hand-painted lettering. The exhibition will be on view through December 23, 2017.

Joe Amrhein is known for fusing the tradition of hand-painted sign making with the conceptual notion of language as a medium. In this exhibition, Amrhein will install Bonfire, a large-scale sculpture made up of thick branches piled together, onto which he has hand-painted buzzwords from the current political dialogue, including “Narcissist”, “Cronyism”, and “Alternative Facts”. Also in the exhibition will be six framed pieces, like the work Post Factual, where Amrhein paints the individual letters of key words or phrases onto separate sheets of translucent mylar that are then layered and sewn together to form his compositions. Using a variety of colors, typefaces, and font sizes, Joe Amrhein uses text to explore the political through formalist strategies.

Joe Amrhein was born and educated in Sacramento, CA. Amrhein is the owner and director of Pierogi Gallery, an innovative New York gallery whose famous Flat Files make the works of hundreds of emerging artists available to the public. His work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

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