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Papaya, 2004
Papaya, 2004
48 × 106 inches (diptych)

Cassava, 2004
Cassava, 2004
36 × 80 inches (diptych)

Peach, 2004
Peaches, 2004
36 × 80 inches (diptych)

Peter Alexander: Water Paintings

Southern California artist Peter Alexander opens an exhibition, Water Paintings, on Thursday July 8th, at Brian Gross Fine Art, 49 Geary Street. An accomplished painter, sculptor and photographer, light remains a central motif in Alexander's work. There will be a reception for the artist on Saturday, July 10, from 3-5pm.

Alexander's show, Water Paintings, consists of work depicting abstractions of light reflections on water. The movement created by dots of color which move from high areas of concentration to less dense ones, convey a sense of undulating water. Papaya, a brilliantly colored orange painting with light blue dots is the centerpiece of this show measuring 48 by 104 inches (in 2 panels). Typical of Alexander's work, he has chosen to replicate a spectacular orange hue inspired by a California sunset.

Alexander is known for his previous paintings based on the Los Angeles city grid, his Las Vegas series based on the neoclassic sculpture at Caesar's Palace and other casinos, and last exhibited at Brian Gross Fine Art Post Street, his palm tree inspired paintings. Recently, Alexander created a mural sized painting entitled Blue (6 by 48 feet) derived from the "Water Painting" series, for Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, which is yet to be installed.

Peter Alexander was born in Los Angeles in 1939. He received his BFA and MFA from the University of California, at Los Angeles. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States since the late 1960's, when he was producing light-capturing cast resin sculptures. His work is represented in all of the major American museum collections of contemporary art.

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